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Case Study

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Compassionate and skilled palliative care at home restores wellbeing for elderly Italian lady

The client: Mrs Subiotto was living in Rome, Italy when her health started to rapidly decline about two years’ ago. Her daughter, Elena, immediately realised that her mother needed healthcare at home in order to stabilise her health and wellbeing – ideally in a home environment – so she brought her mother to England.

“My mother’s Alzheimer’s was noticeably progressing and she was also experiencing heart problems. I realised that she hadn’t been able to look after herself properly and self-neglect was a big issue. I needed her to live close-by and be cared for."

The care requirements: Health Professionals Homecare considers matching clients and carers in terms of personality, manners and demeanour as vital as a carer being equipped with the right experience and skill-sets. Elena adds, “Michele was very thorough and reassuring and placed high emphasis on getting a carer who would be well suited to my mother in terms of personality, as well as care capability, which was a key pointer to the depth of effort that Health Professionals Homecare makes for their clients."

Even though Elena’s enquiry was at very short notice, following diligent vetting of carers and home environment risk assessments, Health Professionals Homecare assigned experienced carer Katerina within 48 hours from the first contact. “Within one week of my mother returning from Rome, there was a stable and effective care system in place.

The care delivery:

> 5 hours daily/palliative care at home – Weekday

> 10 hours daily care at home – Weekends

> Personal care

> Administration of medication

> Hoisting / Bathroom care

> Meal preparation / Meal sharing

> Light household duties

> Companionship

Today, Mrs Subiotto is still being cared for at home by Katerina and enjoying a quality of life which would not otherwise have been possible. When Katerina goes on holiday, Mrs Subiotto’s daughter Elena says that handovers to another Health Professionals Homecare carer are smooth and efficient.

Elena concludes, “I’m an only child and knowing that my mother is cared for so well – and also has companionship – relieves my burden of worry. Katerina and Michele keep in constant touch by text during the day to keep me informed and we speak on the telephone once a week. Ironically, as my mother’s health deteriorated about two years’ ago, the difference in her quality of life today is immeasurable… All because of Health Professionals Homecare."