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COVID-19/Coronavirus Crisis

Our assurance to our clients and nurses

You can rest assured that at HP Homecare we are constantly reviewing and upgrading measures to ensure the best possible provision for the safety and well-being of all our clients and staff at this very challenging time.

Our first priority is operating as normal by meeting our clients’ extra needs during this crisis. We are acutely aware that our clients are more vulnerable than most and we, therefore, have to go the extra mile to maintain our expertise at the cutting edge, expertise that will also serve them beyond the end of the current crisis.

We are an award-winning home care specialist agency serving some of the most discerning and influential families across London for over 20 years. We deliver exceptional bespoke private nursing and private care in London homes. No matter your needs we have it covered with a tailored package from our award-winning team.

As you would expect from a truly premium service, our approach is to be pro-active and sensitive to all the needs of our clients. In the context of the current Covid-19 crisis, that proactivity requires a mindset of seeing every challenge as an opportunity - in this case, to take our service to even higher standards than before. With that challenge, we obviously immediately set to work, as you would expect, to ensure the highest expertise in all areas necessary for coping with the crisis. But we wanted to go even further, exploring what it means to give the best service possible to our clients in the face of both these challenges and all challenges, tailoring our service to the bespoke needs of the individual clients and their loved ones.

For example, we used our connections with high-end private doctors to explore options for prevention and treatment should we be faced with clients or staff who, despite their best endeavors, find themselves infected with this challenging virus and need to minimise its effects and maximise their recovery.

Our clients are people who expect the best: they are willing to pay for service at a premium for the peace of mind of knowing their loved ones are cared for at the level they are used to, one that is second to none and offers expertise with compassion and understanding. They are used to instant service and access to top-level expertise on demand.

We are acutely aware of the stress of having a loved one in need of constant attention and therefore using our special expertise in technology to working on improvements to our service to bring greater peace of mind. For example, we recognise that it is important for some people to know who will be looking after their loved one, so we created a system to allow clients to have their own private portal that shows who is scheduled to work with their loved one for each of the forthcoming shifts.

But that wasn’t enough for us and, as technology has developed, we have worked to create cutting-edge communication to put clients in touch with us and our staff, especially the staff looking after their loved one by the fastest and most effective means possible. We bring this attitude to the prevention of Covid-19 and to any care that may be required.

So, whether you’re an existing client, or are considering engaging us for 24-hour care, we’re only too happy to talk you through our infection control processes and any other concerns you may have regarding Covid-19 or otherwise. Please contact our office on 0207 201 1142.

For your information, our premium service is charged by the hour with minimum of 12-hour shifts starting from £29.74 per hour, depending on the skill sets required for the specific kind of care to be involved.

Read what some of our recent clients affected by Covid-19 had to say about us and our nurses below…

Arona and Norman

And also a very big thank you from my husband and I for all the help you have provided!! We are so very pleased that my parents are doing so well and are especially grateful that they have survived covid19 in light of all the unfortunate families that have lost their loved ones. We will be sure to contact you should we need your support again!! My parents said that not only were you very professional, but also a very intelligent and educated man.

Take care, be safe, stay happy and healthy. Hartelijk dank en beste wensen,

Mr A Shivram – London

HP Homecare has been a huge help with my father’s recovery post a long hospital stay. First, the organisation were very professional and proactive - they were able to turnaround a carer schedule for my father over the weekend, which was fantastic. The carers are all very professional and helpful. Most importantly, they are actually caring and that was reflected in the time spent with my father during his recovery. I would highly recommend the organisation and the care they provide.

Infection Control

We always practice a high standard of infection control, whether we are tending a client at home or in a hospital (post-discharge) environment. Our diligent compliance strictly aligns with the latest World Health Organisation (WHO) and Commission for Quality Care (CQC) and most recently, NHS England COVID-19 guidelines. As such, we have a deep understanding of how viruses and infections can be transmitted and always take a highly preventative approach.


Apply here and we’ll be in touch. Our sophisticated booking technology means that you will be rapidly screened, compliance-trained, and on duty as swiftly as possible. You’ll even have a log-in to your own Homecare Portal to view your Health Professionals Homecare' bookings.