COVID-19/Coronavirus Crisis

Our assurance to Our Nurses and NHS clients

Health Professionals Homecare is taking every necessary intervention in order to reduce the risk of Coronavirus impacting on the care of our most vulnerable clients, and our staff. The need for daily and specialist care at home doesn’t stop in a national crisis.

OUR SERVICE IS OPERATING AS NORMAL and our existing clients are therefore receiving continuous care aligned to their individual Care Plans. We cannot praise highly enough the sterling efforts and commitment of our nurses and carers, who continually put their homecare clients first in the depth of this national COVID-19 crisis.

So, whether you’re an existing client, or are considering engaging us for 24-hour care, we’re only too happy to talk you through our infection control processes. Please contact our office on 0207 201 1142.

Infection Control. We have always practised a high standard of infection control whether we are tending a client at home, or in a hospital (post-discharge) environment. Our diligent compliance strictly aligns to the latest World Health Organisation (WHO) and Commission for Quality Care (CQC) and most recently, NHS England COVID-19 guidelines. As such, we have a deep understanding as to how viruses and infections can be transmitted and always take a highly preventative approach.

New Clients. During the COVID-19 crisis, we will consider engaging new clients but, at present, priority is to assist those who require 24/7 daily care by means of two 12-hour carer/nurse shifts.

WE’RE URGENTLY RECRUITING: Nurses and carers - Apply here and we’ll be in touch. Our sophisticated booking technology means that you will be rapidly screened, compliance-trained and on duty in as swiftly as possible. You’ll even have a log-in to your own Homecare Portal to view your Health Professionals Homecare' bookings…