Frequently Asked Questions

Michele Jogee, Head of Homecare

Hello, I’m Michele Jogee, Registered Nurse Manager and Head of Homecare for Health Professionals Homecare. I personally undertake healthcare and home environment health and safety assessments for new clients, and choose the right carer or nurse to suit their medical and personal requirements.

Inevitably, making decisions on the best option of care for ourselves, or our loved one, in times of illness is never easy. And, after being in hospital for a while, going home is eagerly anticipated, but wondering how you, or your relative is going to cope with after care can be quite daunting.

I’ve answered here, some of the questions you may potentially ask before you take the next step of engaging our Homecare services.

Or, I’m here on the telephone to talk now if that is easier for you on 02072 011144. You can also send me an email through our contact form, I will reply as fast as I can.


Q. How will I know whether a condition is treatable at home?

Get in touch. Please feel free to contact Health Professionals Homecare – by phone or online, whichever you’re most comfortable with. Our service is completely confidential, and we’re happy to talk through anything, without obligation, on which you may be unclear.

Q. What kinds of patients we care for?

We care for patients suffering from a range of conditions, including cancer, dementia-related conditions (such as Pick’s Disease, Alzheimer’s, etc), and cardiac conditions. Homecare also provides care for patients needing post-operative treatment, and daily personal care.

Q. How will my GP, or hospital consultant, for instance, know how my home care is progressing? Will I have to let them know?

All you have to do is be cared for. Homecare nurses and carers update a Patient Care Plan after each home visit, which is shared between all parties caring for a patient. These usually include a GP, hospital consultant, and of course, the patient’s main relative. This vital process is overseen by me, as Registered Nurse Manager.

Q. What periods of care do you provide?

Overnight, occasional, weekend or 24-hour care, depending upon our patients’ needs.

Q. Do you offer live-in nursing care?

Yes. Certain conditions, especially near end-of-life, require sensitive and skilled live-in care to ensure patient comfort is maintained, and the pressure on their relatives eased.

Q. How quickly can I engage a Homecare nurse or carer?

Generally within hours. Health Professionals Homecare has a duty of care to assess a prospective patient’s home environment for health and safety, as well as conducting a full healthcare assessment with the patient to determine the level of care required.

Q. Because you’re based in St Johns Wood, do you only offer services in and around London?

Certainly, we cover the whole of London and have in the past provided a specialist service outside of London in the home counties.

Q. When is home nursing more appropriate than say, a nursing home?

Being nursed at home offers a patient the comfort of their own environment, while getting the medical care and attention they need. Homecare often nurses patients back to independence following illness, until they feel ready to cope again.

Q. Will I meet my nurse or carer before they come to look after me, or my relative?

At Health Professionals Homecare we always try to arrange a pre-engagement meeting between patient and prospective carer, because although medically, the fit may be right, we understand that taking someone into your home is a matter of trust. There has to be a connection on other levels, too. Pre-engagement meetings are not always possible however, because they depend on individual circumstances.

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