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My mother fell into a coma in February 2017 and a decision was taken to treat my mother at home. An ICU was effectively set up at home within hours and Michele responded with a fantastic team of ICU qualified nurses within a very short time.Once my mother came out of the coma she required intensive nursing care 24/7. Michele's team of amazing nurses provided this and continue to do so. I really don't know what we would have done without this brilliant support. We are so grateful and I would not hesitate to recommend HP.


Hi Michele so sorry I missed you today, but let me take the time to say thank you so much for a wonderful job you and your staff have done taking care of Mrs B, I could not have found a better agency , I would highly recommend you and your staff to any one in need of proper care and nursing and would not hesitate to use you again.

Many many thanks.

Louie Salvoni

Michele [Jogee] absolutely delivers what she promises and more; she is very committed and honest.

The consistency between her carers is so impressive; there is continuity in attitude as well as skill, which really proves how carefully and sensitively then have been trained. Choosing Health Professionals Homecare out of all the companies we looked at was absolutely the right decision. Mum thinks of her carers as family now and even though she is gaining her independence, won’t be giving up her new family any time soon…

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Our private nurses and carers have the expertise and experience to deliver the highest levels of clinical care at home. We comprehensively review, assess and understand medical requirements and, subject to our core policies and procedures being met, can be on duty with your clients – at home – within hours….

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